Designed to maximise the learning potential of all students.

The program for Inquiry Learning is designed to maximise the learning potential of all students through empowering creativity, independence and engagement. The program connects all areas across the Victorian Curriculum to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to facilitate learning that is challenging, relevant and meaningful to everyday experiences.

  • Learning Areas: English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education, Humanities, Art and Technologies
  • Capabilities: Personal and Social, Intercultural, Ethical and Critical and Creative Thinking

As a whole school approach, Inquiry is presented as Units of Work to allow students to engage in a learning sequence that includes a range of activities to support varied learning needs. Student interests are incorporated and expanded to foster engagement and creativity which integrates their learning from other areas of the curriculum.

Our student work includes hand’s on activities, projects and reflection. We showcase their learning experiences during special events within our school community.