Explore your talents in many different ways.

Music at Hampton East School gives students the opportunity to explore their talents in many different ways.

Students frequently perform at assemblies, school events and external community events. Students learn basic notation, explore many instruments and technology options available in the music industry such as sound engineering both at a studio level and in live situations, music production and radio production.

Music Programs.

Students at Hampton East School attend music lessons with their class, but also have the option to be part of the following extra curricula programs:

  • Small group instrumental lessons
  • Hampton East School Choir
  • Hampton East School Rock Band

Music and Learning.

Music is a fantastic way to not only develop skills as a musician but an opportunity to develop in other areas of the curriculum, this can be demonstrated by but not limited to:

  • Reading/singing lyrics
  • Writing and composing songs
  • Counting notation
  • Numerical understanding of fractions within music notation

Speech and Communication skills
Music offers many opportunities to assist students in developing their communication skills. Working in teams is a key focus within class lessons, the school band and in choir sessions.

Motor skills
Learning to play an instrument can be a challenging, yet extremely rewarding experience and promotes the development of both fine and gross motor skills. All students at Hampton East School are encouraged to learn an instrument with instructions tailored to student needs and abilities.

Positive social interactions
Music is an invaluable tool in promoting interactions within small or large groups. Students learn how to take turns, listen and participate in a given activity.