Food Technology

Cooking skills are an important aspect of everyday life. Food technology at Hampton East School teaches students basic food preparation skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Years 7-10.

Students are encouraged to work as a team to prepare dishes that are shared and enjoyed in a community atmosphere. Opportunities are offered to students who excel in their cooking skills to mentor their peers.

Food technology offers students life skills incorporating knowledge in the literacy and numeracy areas of the curriculum. This is supplemented with geography, exploring other cultures through cooking and our sustainability program in which students grow and use their own produce.


Beyond Year 10.

There are many opportunities for future employment in the hospitality industry and for this reason Food Technology is considered a very important part of the Victorian School Curriculum at Hampton East School. We offer students the foundations for success beyond their school years.

From Year 10, students will have the opportunity to gain industry experience through working in the Trade Kitchen. In this new learning environment, they will learn to transfer and further develop their food knowledge and skills for the Hospitality Industry.

Trade Kitchen

Catering and Community Events.

Community is very important at Hampton East School particularly within the Food Technology Department.

We encourage family and friends to attend special events and celebrate student successes.  Students have showcased their learnings with preparing food for functions such as the opening of our new Food Technology and Trade Kitchen which was attended by the Minister for Education, and a very successful cultural Harmony Day event.