A Comprehensive English Program.

Hampton East School has a comprehensive English Curriculum for students from Years 7-10, derived from the Victorian Curriculum, that embraces reading and viewing, speaking and listening and writing.

We value the importance of our students becoming confident communicators, informed participants in their learning experiences, imaginative thinkers and life-long learners.

Reading and Writing.

Our school has a strong emphasis on providing the best learning sequences to improve our students’ reading ability through the development of English goals within every students’ Individual Learning Plans. This is supported by the direct instruction of the Read Write Inc Fresh Start Intervention Program, a phonics- based approach to teaching reading, vocabulary, comprehension and writing. Our senior students are also supported with the Rip It Up Reading Intervention program to ensure that they have been provided with as many opportunities as possible to improve their reading abilities.

Individualised Learning.

All teachers plan and sequence English learning experiences to address the individual learning needs of every student which is also well supported by our speech pathologist to make reasonable adjustments. We believe that explicit direct instruction is the key to creating learning opportunities for our students to engage successfully in the English curriculum.