Post-School Pathways

Options and Opportunities.

Our students have access to many options and opportunities in their post-school pathway.

We have partnerships with organisations to provide services for post-school pathways. Many students engaged and found success in the services provided by the following organisations.

  • Marriott Services
  • Outlook
  • The Bridge
  • Access

See our Pathway Guide for more information about post school providers and programs.

Pathway Guide

Pathway Planning.

We understand that the final year of secondary schooling and planning for post-school can be an overwhelming and challenging experience for many students and families.

We are committed to working with students and families to navigate and coordinate pathway planning.

We have a dedicated team of staff, who are highly experienced in administering pathway planning for young people with a disability. In Year 12, students and families are invited to a succession of meetings with their teacher to discuss and plan their post-school pathway.

Year 11 and 12 students undertake the VPC Foundation Program to develop their skills and knowledge for their post-school pathway. Within the program, students will visit organisations to explore their post-school options and to support their transition into a new environment.

Careers and Community Expo.

Every year we are proud to host a Careers and Community Expo.

This is a valuable opportunity for families and students of all ages to attend and explore options in their community for their post-school pathway.

We encourage students and families to begin the process of finding information, engaging in discussion and reflecting on their future goals to support pathway planning and transition into post-school services.

We welcome and continue to seek new partnerships with organisations to provide more options and services to meet our students’ diverse goals, needs and interests in their post-school pathway. We invite you to contact our Leadership Team to discuss opportunities.

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