Our Values

We strive to show our values of Integrity, Resilience, Respect and Independence in all aspects of our school community.

We are honest, ethical and transparent.

We hold ourselves and each other to account.

We value others and accept everyone’s differences.

In all aspects of our school community will ensure we provide a genuine and supportive learning environment for all.

We believe all students have skills and abilities.

Hampton East School believes that all students have skills and abilities that will enable them to work, volunteer and add value to the community.


Hampton East School students demonstrate respect towards their fellow peers, staff, members of the community and themselves.

Respect is shown when students:

●      Use manners, for instance, opening or holding doors for others, being polite, saying thank you
●      Listening to others and being aware of other people’s views and feelings
●      Include others within class, during recess and lunchtime
●      Showing good communication skills, for example politely greeting others


Students display integrity across all aspects of their schooling experience, ensuring a school environment that enables all individuals to thrive.

Students display integrity by:

●      Encouraging others
●      Working well within a team
●      Being fair, honest and following school rules
●      Showing qualities of good leadership, including, representing the school, mentoring other students and acting as role models


Hampton East School recognises the importance of resilience within students’ lives, as a fundamental aspect on wellbeing and mental health.

Students display resilience by:

●      Accepting responsibility for their own behaviour
●      ‘Bouncing back’ or continuing to try again when mistakes are made
●      Regulating their own behaviour
●      Offering solution to conflicts


Students are encouraged to develop their own independence, preparing themselves for future endeavours and post-school pathways. Students are encouraged to reflect on their personal strengths and abilities, strengthening their confidence and thus promoting independence.

Students show independence by:

●      Following routines
●      Completing tasks to a high standard, thriving to reach their full potential
●      Using initiative, for example, cleaning the classroom, putting equipment away, placing litter in the bin.

Students may be awarded a ‘Golden Ticket’, which will contribute to their house’s points as recognition for their behaviours that exemplify Hampton East School’s values.

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Staff are committed to representing the school values.

Hampton East School’s staff are committed to representing the school values in action, within classrooms, the school community and as a professional workplace. The staff are dedicated to exemplifying respect, integrity, independence and resilience towards other staff, students, themselves and members of the school community.


Staff have a firm belief in valuing people’s worth and qualities and treating everyone in the school community in a polite and friendly manner.


Staff operate with integrity at all times, following their moral and ethical convictions and doing the right thing in all circumstances.


Staff have a firm belief in the appreciation of individuality and the ability to be resilient.


Staff have a firm belief in providing a safe and supportive environment that recognises the importance of encompassing the wellbeing, social and emotional development and independence of students.