Student Voice and Agency

Encouraging students to actively participate.

Hampton East School has been working towards promoting more student voice and agency across the school. This evidence based approach allows students to feel more empowered in their learning and a way of building school pride.

When students meaningfully participate in decision making about their learning, they are more likely to remain involved in education and to achieve better results.

2024 Student Leadership Team.

The following students are acknowledged as the 2023 Student Leadership Team.

School Captains

School CaptainMatan B
School CaptainBella W
Sports CaptainOscar F
Art/Community CaptainMayumi M

Student Representative Council

JNR AValen B
JNR CCassie F
MID BBobby H
MID CSam H (Semester 1)
Jeno L (Semester 2)
MID DHeidi A
SNR ADaniel P
SNR BAthan P
SNR CMicah R
SNR EChristopher H

School Captain Speeches

As part of the Year 12 Program, students undertake the process of preparing a leadership speech, which is presented to their peers. This is a significant milestone, providing students with the opportunity to experience public speaking whilst reflecting on their personal strengths.

“The Year 12’s practised their speeches and received feedback from their friends and teachers. Students were nervous doing the speech but everyone had a go.”- Year 12 Student

“We wrote our ideas for planning a great School Leader speech… We gave each other feedback about our body language, posture, eye contact, word choice, voice, pace, use of time and confidence.” – Year 12 Student

About the Student Representative Council.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) gives students an opportunity and a platform to communicate ideas and opinions to influence change.

A student from each class has been nominated by their peers to represent the class and will attend fortnightly meetings to discuss ideas, issue or concerns. Our initial meetings brought up some interesting viewpoints including:

  • More seating area in the shade around the school for all students to use.
  • More variety of sport and activity clubs during recess and lunchtime.
  • More signs around the school to help new students and families during tours.
  • Increase in specialist subjects including PE, Art and Music.
  • Increase in whole school assemblies and community events.
  • More food options on the school canteen menu.
  • Choosing what books and magazines will be in the new school library.