STEM and Digital Technology

Hampton East School is preparing young people for their future.

Our program promotes students as both users and developers of digital technologies. Students learn to use current and new technologies to inquire and solve problems in the 21st Century.

In Year 7-10, students explore a wide range of digital systems in robotics, advanced manufacturing and multimedia processes. They develop their design thinking skills and apply digital technologies to respond to project briefs in real-world contexts.

In VPC, Year 11 and 12 students develop their digital literacy and ICT skills for their pathway. They learn to use desktop publishing tools to prepare a portfolio of documents for different purposes and audiences. Also, they research the role of robots and advanced manufacturing practices in their pathway and future industries.

Design Thinking at Hampton East School

Technology Suite

Students have access to:

  • Built and buildable robots
  • 3D printer and scanner
  • Laser cutter
  • Vacuum forming machine
  • Electronic and circuit kits
  • Green screen technologies
  • Lighting and filmmaking equipment
  • Desktop computers

Excellence in STEM Education.

Hampton East School champions innovation and excellence in Inclusive STEM Education.

We provide and extend opportunities for students to deepen their learning and interests in digital technologies in the wider community and industries.

Students can attend the afterschool program, Tech Club and participate in various STEM competitions throughout the year. In this social environment, students collaborate in teams to achieve a common goal.

In 2019, Hampton East School was the first special school in Victoria to participate in the robotic competition, RoboCup Junior Competition.

In 2020, students worked collaboratively to produce an animated film for the Focus on Ability Short Film Festival. They won a Finalist Award!

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eSmart School

Since 2015 Hampton East School is an eSmart School.

We promote and educate our school community to be safe, smart, responsible and ethical users of technology while embracing its uses.

Students learn about cyber safety and how to take care of devices and use them for their intended purposes.