Industry Electives

Industry Electives

Year 11 and 12 students choose their Industry Elective subject in the VPC Program.

Students learn practical skills and develop their employability skills for a specific industry.

The subjects are Art, Hospitality, Horticulture, Sport Leadership, and Volunteering.

Students can change their subject every 6 months to gain a breadth of experiences or continue in their chosen elective to deepen their knowledge and skills in an industry.


Art Industry

Art organisations highlight the importance for young people to develop a portfolio of work, showing their confidence and skills in using a broad range of materials and developing their artistic style. These are the core skills students develop in Art Industry.

Their learning is supported by visits to art galleries, setting up an art exhibition and participation in group projects.

Students research and plan their pathway in the creative industry by completing the Art Form Workbook by Arts Access Victoria.

Hospitality Industry

The Trade Kitchen and Coffee Lab Café provides meaningful opportunities for students to:

  • Enhance their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Gain work-related experience
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Build personal and life skills, while embedding a healthy relationship with food.

The focus is hands on-learning and incorporates the teaching of skills and knowledge in the context of real-life experiences.

The program provides a rich and meaningful opportunity for community engagement and encourages and applies student voice.

Trade Kitchen

Horticulture Industry

The aim of the Horticulture Industry Specific Skills programme is to develop transferable employability skills that students will be able to use as they move to a post school world. Students will also meet VPC learning outcomes across Work Related and Personal Development Skills. Participants will enhance their understanding of OH&S as they work as a team building and maintaining gardens around the school and some community sites. Each year students will have the opportunity to work on larger scale landscaping projects, in recent years these have included: developing a functioning kitchen garden, installing a woodfire pizza oven, constructing a garden pagoda and initiating a ‘bush tucker’ garden.

Sports Leadership

The Sports Leadership elective brings students together who have a common interest in sports, with the emphasis on developing their leadership skills in the areas of coaching and officiating. Sport Australia offer online courses in Community Coaching General Principles and Community Officiating General Principles, where the students complete one course per semester. These courses are a great pathway for students looking to gain sports specific accreditation. Furthermore, students apply the learning from the classroom based activities and scenarios to lead small group sport sessions to peers and officiate school sporting events.

Sport Australia

Volunteering at St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies)

Year 11 and 12 students have the option of volunteering at Vinnies. Each week the Store Manager gives the students a list of tasks to complete. Student organised the stock for sale. Volunteering at Vinnies gives students the opportunity to develop their employability skills. They learn to work in a team, problem solve, communicate with others and follow a set of instructions.